Thursday, September 29, 2016

To start: write without stopping

We have all faced the anguish of the blank page; both those who write every day as those who don’t.

One sits in front of the computer or in front a piece of paper, wanting to write a story, a tale or a short story and can’t come up with anything. Looking here and there inside the mind, catching an idea but believing it isn’t good enough, looking on the other side and finding nothing. One would think that finding something to write would be easy, but the blank page – with its immaculate color - says it isn’t so easy.

It happened to me many times before actually becoming better at writing. I would sit with the intention of writing a short story and anguish would gradually fill me over not finding any ideas.

After trying different paths, some years ago I found a way to make ideas flow on paper – by habit and by reading about writing.

The point is simple and it serves both those who want to start writing and for those who have been writing for some time and who sometimes stumble onto the problem of the blank page.

What is the recipe for projecting ideas on paper? How does one start to write? How does one make the blank page stop being blank?

It isn’t as hard as it may seem. 

You have to write for fifteen minutes a day, without stopping and without thinking about what is being written.

It may seem very simple, but a lot is achieved. It is a start, a valuable start. The hardest is the first step, but it is also the most important step - both when writing a paper in college, as well as when writing a story or something different.  

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